Väike Tom banana curd snack is a delicacy that will make any lover of tropical flavors extremely happy. Made from the freshest curd using a special technology, the curd snack gets its authentic flavor and appetizing light yellow content from natural banana additives and is coated with a mouth-watering cocoa glaze.

Väike Tom curd snacks are free from preservatives, artificial colors and palm oil – Väike Tom believes that’s what the best curd snacks should be like.

Packaging and size: 38 g

EAN: 4740093111110

Average nutrient and energy content per 100 g of product
Energy content 1488 kJ/357 kcal
Fats 23,3 g
— of which saturated fatty acids 15,2 g
Carbohydrates 25,8 g
— of which sugars 24,9 g
Proteins 11,0 g
Salt 0,03 g