Pealinna The mini dumplings are a continuation of the legendary Pealinna dumplings in a red checkered container. Since the ideal recipe for the Pealinna dumplings was fine-tuned a long time ago, the only innovation is that the mini dumplings are smaller. Also, the Pealinna Mini Dumplings are the most popular dumplings in Estonia!

Now a whole dumpling can be stuffed into the mouths of dumpling gourmets who couldn’t fit a regular-sized dumpling in one mouthful. It’s a small thing, but there’s a big difference between a bitten or an unbitten dumpling when it comes to the ideal taste experience. And let it be said that there are no additives or preservatives added.

Weight: 1 kg

EAN: 4740093854567

The product may contain traces of milk, egg, soy, celery and mustard.

Average nutrient and energy content per 100 g of product
Energy content 1079 kJ/257 kcal
Fats 11,0 g
— of which saturated fatty acids 4,6 g
Carbohydrates 28,5 g
— of which sugars 2,0 g
Proteins 10,4 g
Salt 1,0 g