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Premia is Estonia’s oldest and largest ice cream producer. We make the most beloved ice creams Eriti Rammus, Väike Tom, Vana-Toomas, Regatt and many others. In addition, we market frozen products under the Maahärra and Pealinna brands. From April 2020, we are also active in the dairy market, being the official distributor of the products of the Baltic countries’ favorite food brand Kārums in Estonia. In the autumn of 2021, we also started to conquer the dairy market with our well known and loved ice cream brand, entering the dairy segment with Väike Tom curd snacks.

Our ice cream factory is located in Tallinn on Peterburi Road, and the company’s head office and cold storage facility are located nearby on Betooni Street. We employ over 200 dedicated people.

In the summer, when ice cream eating and ice cream production are at their peak, our workforce needs soar. From March to September, we offer seasonal work in the ice cream factory for production workers of almost any age and experience.

If you would like to find seasonal work for the summer, please leave us your contact details using the form below. Suitable candidates will be contacted.


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