Potatoes, potatoes, golden potatoes! Our Maahärra seasoned potato sectors are perfect for dipping in ketchup or a nice spicy tomato sauce, plus they’ll enjoy the company of a crunchy green salad or await the arrival of a juicy oven roast. Very social and good characters, it has to be said. And on the plus side, you don’t hear about E-substances and other such characters.

Weight: 500 g.

EAN: 4740093026612

Average nutrient and energy content per 100 g of product
Energy content 524 kJ/125 kcal
Fats 3,4 g
— of which saturated fatty acids 0,5 g
Carbohydrates 20 g
— of which sugars 0,5 g
Fibres 2,6 g
Proteins 2,2 g
Salt 0,54 g